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Hal Yaman

Yaman has been on the backup market (for a living) since 2001 and I’m passionate about helping people understand the strategies needed to be applied to best protect the company/enterprise data. Also as an MVP (cloud and data centre), I’m well involved with the community and can share mistakes done by others to help people avoid miss concept and miss config when comes to data management / backup. In additional to Veeam Sr. SA I also involve many projects of backup and migration from/to public cloud (Azure focus) and I wish to share the knowledge with the audience (without mentioning Veeam name) to help understand and avoid data loss

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Data management and Backup on public cloud Data Backup is a tenant responsibility but to be able to protect your data on the public cloud, you must understand what tools your service provider offer you to help to protect your critical data. One of the tricks of protecting your cloud data is understanding the difference between the type of data availability Azure cloud offer you and how to benefit from these native capabilities.