Susantha Silva

Senior Consultant

Susantha Silva is a Senior Consultant working for Infront Consulting who is primarily focusing on
System Center and Cloud Solutions. he is 5 times MVP on HYPER-V technology and transition into Cloud and Data Center Management. He also servers Sr Lanka, Maldives & Singapore industry as a  MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) for the last 6 years’ time. He has been actively engaging with Sri Lankan Technical forums sharing Technical knowledge and mapping business requirements.

My Sessions

Protecting your Cloud Infrastructure: closing the stable door before the horse bolted

Ballroom A

There is no doubt public cloud usage would be on top of CIO, CFO & IT managers. With the flexible cost management models, wide variety of technology options on your finger point who wouldn’t love to adopt. Now where would your security would stand when you embrace cloud technology going beyond your typical firewall? What […]

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